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When Predator and Prey Become Friends

Posted on 13 May 2012 by RE Team

Nature is designed in a way to keep the balance of the eco-system properly.It has created Predator and Prey to keep the balance only. The Predator never hunts for just fun, it makes a kill only when needed. The exception is only human beings. They kill for just fun and the balance is completely lost now.  In this article we are putting some wonderful examples captured by photographers where predator is not harming the prey at all when the predator is not in need.

Photographer Michel Denis-Huot captured some amazing pictures on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara in 2009. These pictures depict how three cheetah examined, licked and played around a young oryx and finally let it go. Cheetahs were not hungry and they simply didn’t harm the prey at their hands!


Cheetah and Oryx - Predator friendship with Prey


Cheetahs didn't harm the Oryx when not needed


Another example is of a Shoebill, a known predator bird. Photographer Mark Kay captured an unusual event in the Diego Wild Animal Park in the U.S. A small duck straying around a water hole suddenly picked up by a giant Shoebill. The Shoebill took the duck between its beak and surprisingly it just took the duck away from that area and released it. The bill didn’t harm the duck too. Probably the duck moved into the bill’s personal space and he didn’t like it. So just moved it. As it was necessary, he didn’t kill the duck and released to the nature!


In the mouth of death


Duck released without any harm


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