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Do you know these facts?

Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo is one of the least known mammal species in the world today.

All the knowledge acquired about Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo is from a single specimen collected in 1928 by Professor Ernst Mayr, Mayr is one of the world's leading evolutionary biologists. This tree kangaroo species was named after Mayr only.

None today is sure if the species is extinct or still surviving in the remote habitat. Hardly any research or any knowledge base is created on this species. If it's still surviving, the possible count is kept as low as 50.

Its habitat is far distant from that of other members of its species, and how it ever came to inhabit the higher parts of the Wondiwoi Peninsula is an enduring zoo-geographical mystery.


The Scientific Name : Dendrolagus mayri

Many scientists consider Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo as a subspecies of the tree-kangaroo species Dendrolagus dorianus.

Where is it found?

Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo was located in the Wondiwoi peninsula of West Papua at an elevation of 1600m within mossy montane forest. It is thought that the Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo can occupy an area of 300 square kilometers. Very few expeditions have been made to it’s habitat and till now very little is know about the habitat of this species.

How does it live?

The Tree Kangaroos spend their lifetime in trees only. They live on sap, eggs, grains, flowers, barks, etc. As no special research is done on Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo, very little is known about their exact food, reproduction etc.


How does it look?

The Wondiwoi Tree-kangaroo is a distinctive animal, carrying to an extreme the yellowish silver tipping of the fur. The underlying colour of the coat is blackish, but it is so heavily frosted with yellowish hairs that at certain angles the coat appears to be yellow. The rump and limbs are reddish, while the tail is almost white. The only specimen weighed was in 1928 by Mayr. The adult male weighed by Mayr was 9.2 kilogram.

What are the threats?

Hunting is considered the most serious threat to Wondiwoi Tree-kangaroo. The mountains of the Wondiwoi Peninsula include substantial deposits of high grade mica. Mining plans have been developed there in recent past. These plans may have serious impact on the conservation of this distinctive tree-kangaroo.

Conservation Efforts

An immediate research and study on the species is needed if it’s still surviving. The study will help creating a conservation plan for the species. There is no protected area known for this species.

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  1. tim Says:

    Let’s kill them all!-

  2. Sarah Says:

    This extinct animal is very beautiful! To bad they don’t know the behavior of the animal.

  3. josie Says:

    i think it is horrible that they are all dining they should not be killed they should be saved

  4. josie Says:

    we should save all the tree kangaroos they are part of this world

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