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Do you know these facts?

Red Panda is slightly bigger than just a house cat and with a bushy tail.

The Red Panda spends most of its life in trees and even sleep aloft. It is mostly active at night as well as in the gloaming hours of dusk and dawn.

It is very shy and solitary in nature. Deforestation and Habitat Loss is the main threat to this rare mammal.

Red Panda is a very rare arboreal mammal found only in China and India. Its much smaller than the black-and-white giant Panda which is popular and known to the world.

The Scientific Name: Ailurus fulgens

Where is it found?

There are two subspecies of Red Panda. One subspecies is found only in China, while the other subspecies found in both China and India. They live in high altitude, so found in the sub Himalayan having an altitude of 1500 to 4000 meters.

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