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Loss of Six Rare Bhulans

Posted on 04 February 2011 by RE Team

Indus river blind dolphins which are popularly known as Bhulan or Indus Susu, are one of the rarest mammal species in earth. They are also the only the only species in the world to have eyes without lenses! Instead, they have sound imaging skills called echolocation, which is a very sophisticated sonar system that helps them swim through the muddy rivers. This is the reason why they called blind Dolphins.

But this marvellous species in endangered and only few hundreds (less then one thousand) left in the Indus river.


River Dolphin


The protection of Bhulan’s is in a threat recently when the news of the deaths of such six rare dolphins within the last month comes up. According the the Pakistan wildlife sources, it happened mainly due to low water level and contaminated water.

Authorities are carrying out investigations to determine the real cause behind the killing of blind dolphin. They said that water levels are very low in the Indus River now due to which a small amount of poisonous chemicals can kill a large number of fish.

Initially, fishermen of the area have been alleged as using poisonous chemicals to catch fish, which contaminated the river water.

Khalid Khan, a fisher man of 28, accused the toxic waste released as the reason of the killing of fish in the Indus River.

“Poisonous release of factories from southern Punjab is the real culprit as a large amount of poisonous waste from the factories pollutes the rivers, which are tributaries of the Indus River,” Khan said.

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