Not everyone in this world is lucky to be with close to Nature. I am also one of those unfortunate one! Nature’s simplicity, rules, innocence and beauty are the most thrilling things in this world. Every species, every element created by Nature is unique and interesting. No species is less important than the other. But we are losing these magnificent Nature very quickly.

RelivEarth is very small and honest endeavor to save the nature. Its a website for everyone, who wants to use internet as a medium to spread the words about nature to the real nature lovers. Your support and feedback will be appreciated!

The most beautiful planet ever known to humans


The internet is penetrating into every corner of this planet. Thanks to the science and technology for the same. Science and technology have made our life easier in every aspects. On the contrary, technology is becoming a threat to all other species in the planet. Though high technology helping to save some of the species, the negative affect is much more prominent than the positive in this context. We are just trying to use the positive aspect of the technology to the welfare of the whole planet. There are numerous small-big species or places of nature that facing threat in the modern times. Many of them have got focus to world wide community. But there are some that need focus and limited to very region and specially lies in the poor region of the world.

We hope this website will provide opportunity to anyone to highlight anything related to wildlife, nature and environment.

We have also seen lack of open forum to discuss anything about the natural world. Hope this website will serve the purpose.

We request you to create groups/blogs for any species, place or campaign you want to highlight to the world.

We are working on to integrate various feature to the website to help the users in near future.

Thanks for visiting the site.
You can contact us or provide your feedback at relivearth@gmail.com


Photos of Nature