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Killings of Rare One-Horned Rhinos

Two more Rare Great One-Horned Rhinos are poached in last 48 hours in Assam, India. Assam which is the last surviving land for the magnificent One-Rhinos has seen an increase in the poaching of the Rhinos in the last year. The recent two kills are first report of Rhino poaching of 2013.     Kaziranga [...] Continue Reading

Russian Sturgeon

The most ancient giant bony fish, Russian Sturgeon, is under serious threat. Will this beautiful fish be able to survive under constant pressure of industrialization and poaching? Continue Reading

Tracing the lineages of Himalayan Wolves

Wolves in the Himalayas, despite their abstruse status as distinct species or subspecies, serve an important role in the ecology of Trans-Himalaya, holding the status of the top predator along with the snow leopard. Continue Reading

Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo

Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo is one of the least known mammal species in the world today. Continue Reading

The Legendary Vultures of South India

This is a small story of how diminishing vulture population in India is affecting beliefs and faiths of local people. Continue Reading

The Remotest Island on Earth: Bouvet Island

It is the Bouvet island, named after it’s discoverer. The island is so remote and difficult to approach that it took around a century for any human being to land in it after its first viewing. Continue Reading

Elephants : New Industrial Prospects

The Elephant Dung that making way for Industrial prospects in the South East Asia region Continue Reading

Sailing Stone – The Mysterious Nature

It is a stunning geographical phenomenon where Stones weighing hundreds of pounds move in long tracks along a plain smooth valley without any human or animal intervention. Continue Reading

Immortality is a gift of nature!

Immortality is one of the fascinations of humans. It may be a science fiction for us, it’s not a wonder for nature. Continue Reading

Who is the King of the Earth?

Who among all the living species rule in the various territories in the planet, keeping aside the humans? Continue Reading

The first ever sanctuary dates thousands of years old!

The first ever sanctuary to protect wildlife was established 2500 years ago in the small island of Sri Lanka. Continue Reading

Frog Sizes in Extremes

A frog species can be as small as few millimeter, while the largest species grows more than a feet. Continue Reading

The tallest in the planet

Do you know the tallest living organism in our planet? We have listed down all the competitors in the race here. Continue Reading

Will the frogs disappear?

The most known household amphibian may very soon disappear from earth. Sounds unbelievable, but it is likely to occur soon if we don’t take some immediate action. Continue Reading

Indian Big Cats’ “Well” Fiasco

There are regular incidents when Leopards or even Tigers stray into villages and create unexpected situations. Continue Reading

Where the birds commit suicide!

It is one of the unresolved mysteries of nature why Jatinga, a place in the North-East India region attracts birds from high sky to the ground just to die. Continue Reading

Saola – The Discovery and Threats

A large mammal that was discovered as late as 1990 in the dense jungles of Vietnam, is still a secrete to the science. Continue Reading

Expert Mimics in Reptile World

The expert mimics in the Reptile world. Continue Reading

Long-Tailed Chinchilla

Experts believe that Long-tailed Chinchillas have a lower wild population than the minimum viable population size for long-term survival. Continue Reading

The True Orphanage of Asiatic Elephants

Yesterday, February 18th, 2011 has brought ome more cheer to the Pinnawela Elpephant Orphanage with fifty-fifth birth of baby elpehant in its existence of 40 years. Continue Reading


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