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Nature vs Technology

Posted on 04 June 2011 by RE Team

“Nature evolves” and “Technology advances”. When we say nature, we mean our whole planet, various organisms living in it, the sky, stars and so on. But if we look closely, Nature is nothing but an advanced technology, and each of those mentioned above are nature’s product. Nature runs on an extremely advanced technology that is out of human reach and understanding till now.

The product life cycle of nature such huge, ranging millions of years, that human can’t imagine to ever develop that technology. Human used the natural technology, tried to learn from it and developed their own technology. As normal human nature, they always intend to create techniques to achieve something in a fast and faster rate. So our technology is very attractive and produces products instantly. We use nature’s technology to tame nature itself.


Blend of pure nature with human technology - Irrigation used by some tribe


We have defeated nature and tamed it to some extend to fulfill our needs and luxury with our technology. So is our technology more advanced than nature’s? The simple answer is NO.

Recently we have realized how human technology is destroying the nature.Our technology is polluting the nature, in turn which is harmful to the human race. This realization is only partly true, because we may think we are destroying nature, but in reality, the nature’s technology is too robust. We may change the environment in the planet, but nature will still be evolving in its own way. Nature is highly adaptible it will take its own path. May be our whole human race and technology will be taken to an end by nature while changing the path.

We have imaginations of settling down in outer space in a different environment after a complete destroy of earth. But actually are we advancing that fast? Are we not producing destructive technologies in a much faster rate than such advancement? We will only realize our mistake in a natural way if we bring ourselves closer to the nature but not to the human technology.

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